Do You Struggle with Anxiety?

It's Time to Change That...

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The techniques that we're going to guide you through are perfect for tackling an anxiety attack in the heat of the moment. When you least expect it, be it at a speaking engagement or a mid-afternoon stroll.

This FREE breathing guide has helped me, and many others who have been crippled by anxiety attacks before public speaking, job interviews, exams.

Rest assured, this is a totally natural thing for the body to do. It's our flight or fight reflex, acting against what it perceives as a threat.

Your reflex is reacting to perceived threats, not real threats.

You may start to breath really shallow. It stops oxygen from reaching your brain, which in turn stops you from processing what is happening around you at your best.

Your brain grabs at every wayward thought flying into your head - normally associated with what you're panicking about.

There are loads of methods for regulating your breathing.

A deep breath in. Hold. A deep breath out.

This guide goes one step further, helping you to regulate oxygen flow and calm yourself in the moment.

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